Over the Edge - Fiction Novel by Jason Moser!

Over the Edge is an exciting fiction novel by Jason Moser that takes you into the mind of a young sailor who becomes tired of his life in the navy. Set in modern time in the wilderness of the Flathead National Forest around Hungry Horse Reservoir in Montana, this fast paced suspenseful thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Over the Edge! A Fiction Novel by Jason Moser!

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Here's a Little bit About this Brilliantly Written Novel:

Derek Rennel has lost all interest in the Navy; he is tired of working for other people, tired of doing senseless work, and tired of the lack of respect from his superiors. He often thought about an escape from the life he doesn’t want, something he considered but never really wanted to do until his fiance Susan calls off the wedding out of the blue.

Losing his grip on reality, Derek decides to move forward with his plan and runs away, disappearing deep within the untamed wilderness of the Flathead National Forest, learning how to survive off the land and enjoying every minute of his new life. That is until some unfortunate but unavoidable actions puts NCIS, the FBI, and local law enforcement agencies hot on his tail.

Jeremy Kingston and Susan Branick are the only two people who actually know how to get in contact with Derek. Taking a lot of heat for his friend, Jeremy decides he wants to join Derek and as they were meeting, Jeremy and Susan were forced to join Derek, narrowly avoiding capture.

The three were safe throughout the winter months, but as the snow melted and access was restored to the wilderness, the three fugitives found themselves running for their freedom as a large posse of local volunteers, lead by NCIS and the FBI, found where they were located.

After days of running, the three find themselves trapped between the edge of a huge cliff and their pursuers. In order to preserve their freedom and their lives, they must go over the edge.

Over the Edge is a true work of genius that combines realism with pure entertainment, exploring the mind of a young Navy sailor who isn't happy with his job or in his life. It is the second fiction novel by Jason Moser and is a fast moving thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through.

Book Review From Amazon Kindle

This was a very interesting fast paced read, if you don't understand Navy jargon then the beginning may be a little tricky to get into but don't stop reading because once you get past that you will be hooked. For those navy folks out there it will definitely peak your interest and I'm sure you will understand how these people feel about their situation. - S. Thompson

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