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Patricia Scholes is an author inspired by the very children she fostered. Not every mother chooses to take others into her home, but Patricia lived her adult life by opening her home to others. The stories of her foster children, often sad and terrible, touched her deeply, making her want to share with others what most of our at-risk children faced daily.

How did these children mature? With too little strength and health in their backgrounds from which to draw, many made unsafe and self-destructive choices, especially at first. Their first choices rarely defined their life. They became strong and independent adults, able to meet the challenges of life head-on.

Patricia Scholes sees these children as heroes. They survived the poor parenting of their caregivers. They survived an inadequate system. They learned new ways to live and thrive.

Her Darkest Beauty by Patricia Scholes!

Their successes inspired the 'Lorekeeper of the Tapestry' book series, the first of which is 'Her Darkest Beauty', a story about Karra, a young woman living in a city occupied by Nevian military.

As a child, Karra witnessed her father's murder. Wanting revenge, she allows an alien entity into her mind to give her strength and to satisfy her desire to destroy her enemies. This creature, one of those brought to her planet by the Nevians, has trapped her in its dark, self-serving prison. The story is her struggle to free herself from the entity whose sole purpose is to feast off her darkest emotions.

"All my foster children have dark pasts", Scholes said. "They know all about hating and hurting, and too little about loving and forgiving. I only take in kids in their late teens who have already done everything wrong, and now want to change. I can't parent all children, but I have a special place in my heart for these older ones, the ones people would rather lock away and forget. They are redeemable. I give them a healthy home where they can find redemption."

Patricia Scholes speaks to groups about parenting teens, foster parenting older children, making your own home a healthier place, and even surviving difficult times. To date she has published three books. 'Her Darkest Beauty' is the first of her science fiction books series: 'Lorekeeper of the Tapestry'. A sequel to this book, 'Steps of the Dance', will be out later this year.

Last year she published 'Surviving Hard Times - A Livingbook', to help people who are struggling through these financial times gain strength, hope and some practical self-help tools. She is co-editing the history of The Fox and Abd al-Qadir, a book about a prisoner of war during the French and Algerian war in the 1840s.

All three books are available through

"This doesn't explain all the years I worked on one writing project or another between jobs. I have A.D.D., so working for someone else takes nearly all my energy, leaving very little left over for writing. I'm almost sixty-five years old, and I doubt anyone will hire me now. Three years ago I stopped trying to find work and went on early retirement.

"It was the best decision of my life. I now have five books finished and four of them published. But my novel, ah, that's my baby. That's my creative heart."

Read more about Patricia Scholes and her books on her personal website.

Short Fiction Story The Blackstone Inheritance

The Blackstone Inheritance by Patricia Scholes is about T'lana, a young red headed girl framed for murdering the Prince who must prove her innocence or die. Cranog has different plans for the girl who is his only way to reach the Blackstone.

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