Press Release for Fiction! Learn How to Write a Fiction Press Release!

A press release for fiction must be as creative as your book. You must keep in mind that you are an author of fiction and it will be a lot more difficult to write your press release based on facts since your story is based on fabricated stories. This is where your creative imagination really comes into play.

Press Release for Fiction

When you come close to publishing you new fiction story, you need to create a buzz throughout the world so people will know its out there. Up until now, most, if not all people don't know you exist let alone that you are authoring a work of fiction.

A press release for your fiction is your way of making that big announcement to the world that you DO exist and you are an author of a book they may like to read.

You must make your press release newsworthy. Just telling people what your book is about isn't always going to cut it. You have to add in a twist or a good angle that leads into your story.

This can be done by telling people how you got started as a fiction author. What inspired you as a writer? Why do you like to write about your subject of fiction? How you came up with the idea for your story?

A fiction press release is like any other news release out there; you just have to spend more time making it newsworthy so people will take interest in your announcement. There are several ways to add pizazz to your work so people will review it.

6 Key Elements to Every Press Release for Fiction!

1. The Headline.

2. The Approach or Angle.

3. The Bottom Line or Summarizing Lead-In to your Press Release.

4. All About You as an Author of Fiction and What Makes You a Credible Source for the Story.

5. All About Your Fiction Story.

6. Your Biography and Contact Information.

With these six key elements properly organized throughout your press release for fiction, you will create a media buzz about you and your fiction story in no time. This will in turn jump start your marketing efforts for your books.

Learn more information on how to prepare your press release for fiction and how you can add a twist to your release to get people to actually look at it.

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