Publish an eBook Using Several Available Methods

Publish an eBook version of your fiction as soon as you finish so you can get it working for you right away. Why should you create an eBook on your own vice looking for a publisher right away?

Publish an eBook

Well, there are many great benefits to independently publishing a book in electronic format or while you are attempting to find a good publisher to set it to print. Here are a few of the reasons for this:

1. To see if anyone likes your writing.

2. To see if anyone is going to buy your book (see if there is a market for it).

3. To get money coming into your writing budget right away so you can use earnings to help fuel your future writing and publishing goals.

4. Give you some numbers to tell agents and publishers when seeking to publish using their services (number of ebooks sold and amount of money earned).

An eBook will act as your first step toward publishing and marketing success and help add money to your writing budget, helping fund future publishing and marketing efforts. When you publish an eBook, you are creating an electronic copy of your work that people can easily purchase, download to their computer, and read immediately after they purchase it.

The great thing when you publish an eBook is that you control how it looks, how many pages you want someone to be able to read (if you only want to provide a sample of your work), and it gives you many marketing advantages over hard copy book sales. And if you find an error or someone lets you know about an error they found, you can make the change and republish it in a matter of seconds vice waiting months for the change to update, if you are even allowed to change it at all (one of the disadvantages of publishing through a traditional publisher).

For instance, you can publish a sample of the first 10 pages or a few chapters of your book to give away to prospective buyers (a "teaser"). If your book is complete and your author website is ready to go, you must find a way to gather interest for your new book or novel. Letting people get a sneak peek of your work before they buy it is just like a trailer for a movie or play. It gives them a small taste and makes them want to read more.

Publish an eBook to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

From a marketing perspective, an eBook gives you an opportunity to add links within your book to direct people to your other books, your website, your business, or anywhere else you want them to visit. It can also allow people to join your network (a key asset in any business model - including your book selling business).

The power of a fiction eBook is at every writer's fingertips, especially yours. Instead of having your book sit on your desk until a publisher agrees to put it to print, put your fiction to work by publishing it in electronic format that way you can make a little money on the side to help fund future publishing and marketing ventures.

Get Your Book Working for Your Fast

With advances in modern technology, there are so many methods you can use to publish an ebook that gets your story in the readers hands quickly. You are pretty much not limited when you publish your own eBook. This can help you raise money to pay for very expensive marketing costs later on down the road or to fund a professional publishing contract with a fiction book publisher.

I prefer self-publishing because it is immediate and more profitable per book sale. And your book doesn't just have to be electronic - it can be paperback as well. But selling electronic copies of your books nowadays is much easier than traditional book publishing by using the Internet, especially if you are looking for quick cash.

In under 3 days, you can have a full novel listed as a best-seller on selling hundreds of copies a day from the time you publish an ebook. This money could be rolling in while you are waiting eight months for a publisher to agree to publish your book.

Prepare to Publish an eBook With Little to No Money Out of Pocket

When you prepare to publish an eBook, you must format your eBook the way you want your readers to see it. If you are using a word processor or document creator such as Microsoft Word, you can easily format it before you publish an eBook in many different formats.

Next, you must proofread your work. You want to publish an eBook in as high of a quality as you would a hard copy book, simply because this is your reputation your talking about. What you see is what you get in electronic books, so you must check it carefully.

You can provide your fiction eBook to family, friends, and other writers so you can get a good idea of how they like it. You can also ask them to provide you with suggestions that will help improve your book such as editing, structural, spelling and grammar suggestions.

After your book is proofread and formatted, you must start working on your book copyright. Don't worry about an ISBN number just yet. If you intend on selling and distributing your books on your own, you may not need an ISBN. Be aware, you do need an ISBN number if you wish to sell your book through any online book stores such as Amazon.

You are almost ready to publish an eBook. Now you must learn how to make a book cover and produce one that fits your book and your budget. Doing this on your own can save you hundreds of dollars, and with your creative abilities, is very easy for you to accomplish. But if not, there are very good book cover designers out there that can do the job very inexpensively or you can choose one from some of the self-publishing platforms out there.

Now you are ready to publish an eBook. So, where do you start? There are many programs out there that create self-executable eBooks, however, some people are very cautious when it comes to opening files that execute on their computer.

It can be more beneficial to publish an eBook in standard PDF format. Most computer platforms out there have Adobe Reader software installed so you will have a very good chance at selling eBooks that are in PDF format. But this is less professional and less attractive to readers.

If you have Microsoft Word 2007 or newer, you are able to "save as" your work directly to a PDF file in the save options with most of the great functions such as hyperlinks. This is very convenient and comes with that software purchase. But once again, what you see is what you get, so be careful with your formatting and proof your work.

Though these programs are cool and can make your eBook look pretty fancy, the best way to publish an ebook is using Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP. I publish all of my books through them and it walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

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