The Quest by Valda Johns!

The Quest by Valda Johns is the sixth story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a narrative fiction short story drama and intertwines with A Twist of Fate and Missing, also by Valda.

US Marshal Jakemond Caden and an ex-con named Samuel E. Benedict, whose lives are intertwined by fate, try to go their separate ways but end up crossing paths again.

Marshal Caden was the lawman who arrested Samuel and was at the sentencing. Sam had a deep hatred for Marshal Caden, the one who put him behind bars.

Benedict was to be released from prison on an "early release" program he had forgotten he had signed up for on the day of his sentencing. Ironically, Jake was responsible for starting the "Early Release Program" for convicts that can be rehabilitated.

Their lust for women and booze are well known. They constantly have a battle of wills, but by observing what a family is all about in a crisis, they both mellow.

Will Sam cheat the "Black Knight" once again or will he give in and give up the ghost? Sam has another chance at love and by a quirk, fate intervened, he will fulfill his objective.

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Meet the author of The Quest, Valda Johns.

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