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Fiction author Robert James Bridge has several stories published and wants to share what inspires him in the world of writing.

Hi to all of those avid readers, and of course, writers throughout the world. I am aged seventy-five and, of course, a senior who has been writing for many many years.

I have found the inspirational feeling from writing is good therapy, and the stories that unfold in my head and on paper give me great pleasure. Writing is, I think, an easy craft as long as you have the mortification and the time. The hardest is the formatting of your novel into what looks readable to the general public and those with certain gendres.

Thus far during my writing over many years I have received very little payment and my first publications were infact remaindered (printed books that are no longer selling well and whose unsold copies are being liquidated by the publisher at a greatly reduced rate) and were left in my study to gather dust. Then I heard about Amazon Kindle KDP and how they publish books at a very cheap price, giving the author a percentage each time they are read or borrowed.

This seemed like the ideal solution to getting my books published in a world where rejection is foremost and conventional publishers only look at well known celebrities for publication. Whilst I continue to write almost daily. I find inspiration from everyday life and try to put these into words - therapy for the aged you could say, in a world of computers etc...

Titles Available in the Kindle Marketplace by Robert James Bridge!

"Kinmel Revisited" is a Historical Fiction set around a true story. (1919)

"Hell Bent on Murder" is a Fictional Crime set in London England.

"Hell Bent on Revenge" is a another Fictional Crime set in London England.

"Hell Bent on Corruption" is a third a Fictional Crime set in London England.

"Beneath My Wings" is a short coffee book story with Compassion. A read during your lunchbreak Maybe!

" A Bolt From The Blue - The Halifax Explosion" is a Historical Fiction set around a true story!. (1917)

All available on Amazon Kindle Store and worldwide.

Many thanks,

Robert James Bridge, Author UK

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