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Fiction Author Roy Clarke

Roy is an inspiring author working on a new fiction novel. He started his writing career by reading which inspired him to write his own novel. His story is short but sweet - "I'm a 35 year old father of four young daughters, living in the UK. I have always thought about writing that one novel that's apparently within us all but dismissed the idea as pure fantasy.

"Then I recently read Hubert Selby Jr's 'Last Exit to Brooklyn (An Evergreen Book)' - a fantastic book. The author's introduction spoke of his wish to do something with his life before he died. Well, I guess he did."

It inspired him... "I decided to find out how you go about getting your novel before a publisher, copyright costs etc and stumbled upon

I was completely taken aback by the wealth of great advice and was totally shocked that this fantasy could become reality.

"I'm now writing that one novel -'Perception' - maybe it will be my one and only, time will tell. If nothing else, I'm engrossed in the whole experience and determined to make this happen, if for no other reason than I can sit back one day and say 'I did it'."

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