Ruth Pettite - Fiction Author of the 'Random Thoughts' Collection!

Ruth Pettite has been writing for over 15 years. Her works have been featured on Lulu Poetry and on Blogspot. As an author, Ruth went through rigorous events that pushed further into the art, including many years of thinking she would never make it.

Her first short story collection, 'Random Thoughts', has been collaborated over the past couple years. Selling on WordClay, Ruth has put together several humorous and sad stories. They are listed below:

Time to Sow is Ruth's first poetry book, accumulated over many years of dedication to literature and the written word. Dedicated to those who have brought out the softer side, this collection of poetry is sent out to the lovers, the fighters, and those who keep their lives strong no matter what may step in their way.

'At My Fingertips' brings us yet another comical sight as Ruth steps into the world of her own nightmares and dreams. Journey with her as the character becomes you, and the world once known disintegrates in front of your eyes.

Starting off with a few short words and a dare, Ruth developed the knack for putting together short stories with memorable characters, real life situations, and work that will make you smile when you are done.

Ruth lives in Nevada, where she has obtained her degree in Business Management. With her domestic partner and five boys, Ruth makes sure to find the time to keep the pen rolling and the pages turning. Her work can also be found on Smashwords where e-readers are made available to the public.

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