Samantha Lekach, Fiction Shorts Author!

Samantha Lekach is a 24 year old geologist who has been writing for fun for as long as she can remember. As an avid writer, there are times where she often forgets that she's supposed to be writing about the rock core in front of her instead of the army of fictitious characters within her own mind.

From Saskatchewan, Samantha grew up in a place so small and unknown that it could very well not even exist, so we will have to take her word on it that it is in fact there and real. She grew up in a large farm family with four other siblings.

She has a mind constantly searching out the new and different and loves to travel. She spends her time between writing creating articles for a Korean pop-culture news hub and notes for her own blog called Kisses For Kimchi which both feed her Korean drama addiction. This also consumes many long hours of her free time.

'Another Story for a Different Day' is Samantha’s first published work, as well as her first short story. Samantha Lekach considers most of her works to be 'wonderful pieces of fluff'. She writes them to be enjoyable and fun, and to show that not every novel or piece of writing needs to be serious and vicious.

Samantha is a huge advocate for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and is constantly trying to get her friends and strangers off of the street to join her for a month of literary joy and fervent writing. She has completed three novels through NaNo and is currently working on the tedious task of editing the monsters.

While she doesn't have an official website, Samantha is always available for comments and concerns on her aforementioned blog site. If anyone has read and enjoyed/hated her work, she would love nothing more than to hear about it from you.

"Thank you for taking the time to read about me. Have a great day!"

Short Fiction Story Another Story for a Different Day

Another Story for a Different Day by Samantha Lekach is about a private investigator hired for a strange case that ends up taking him on a quest of knowledge and self-perseverance. A strange girl is stalking him every second of every day, but only he can hear or see her. Is he crazy or just plain blessed?

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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