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Here is the page for self-help books by author Jason Moser. Jason not only writes and publishes his own fiction, but he also writes other books, mostly to help people with something. His goal in 2014 is to publish twelve books in 12 months. He is three books into his goal.

Many authors who write fiction don't just write fiction novels. Many writers write non-fiction works about what they do, what they have knowledge in, and what they love. I'm no different.

Getting your name out there is essential in this day and age if you are a new or unknown author. This is one of the vehicles I'm using to help set me free from the working world in order to dedicate my life to writing and publishing my novels.

Self-help books are a great way to allow people a more inexpensive solution for their studies. Whether they are looking for a guide to writing or how to motivate themselves to become more productive, these how-to type books will guide them and educate them in various areas of interest.

Check out all of the self-help books by Jason Moser below.

Jason Moser's Self-Help Books!

Restarting the Old Dream Factory
The Ultimate Inspirational and Motivational Self-Help Guide

by Jason Moser

I wrote this guide to help you discover how to dream again by simply restarting your internal motivational engine. Whether you are an new author starting out with a great story idea or you are seeking out your purpose of life, those answers are hidden deeply within your own mind. Many obstacles may have gotten in the way of your dreams - the biggest one being life itself.

Do you want to succeed at writing or anything else you wish to pursue? You have the power to do just that if you only know how to tap into your dreams. This guide helps you dust off the Dream Factory so you can rekindle your motivational spirits.

Learn the significance of your dreams with respect to getting motivated, the techniques to help inspire you to keep going, the meaning of purpose, how to establish goals and objectives, and how to use various methods of brainstorming to help extract all of your dreams from your mind. Restart the dusty old dream factory and find the inspiration you need to succeed at everything you want in life.

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser
Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct and
Cover Art by Jason Moser
Published April 2014 Paperback and Electronic
ISBN: 978-1497549531

Available on for Kindle and Paperback Purchase.

Seven Secrets of Book Writing
by Jason Moser

Seven Secrets of Book Writing is a spin off of the exclusive guide available here, but with a lot more information pertaining to book writing in general. Listed on Jason's self-help books, this motivational guide is for writers to take them to the next step with their writing. Publishing a book on Kindle is a great alternative with short stories and can bring in a lot of extra income while you are working on that best seller.

Knowing why you write is the most important part of this guide. But getting you in the right mindset is the goal I'm trying to accomplish by pointing you in the right direction. If you have to pay to publish your stories, you are not thinking outside the box. This is the Information Age and with the power of the Internet, you can publish your own books using free publishers to become a best seller, easier than if you were to try to find a traditional publisher.

Take advantage of the tools you have in your arsenal, even if you don't know you have them yet. You are writing for a reason and you WILL make money with your books if you know how and why!

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser
Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct
Cover Art by Jason Moser
Published Mar 2014 Electronic

Available on for Kindle.

Debt Payoff Plan
A Step-by-Step Plan to Become Debt Free

by Jason Moser

The Debt Payoff Plan serves several purposes, all of which are designed to improve your overall financial situation. It only takes a couple of seconds of bad credit decisions to destroy your finances for the next ten years, so you must carefully analyze every aspect of your financial situation and make every financial decision as though it is a life or death decision.

With this step-by-step educational guide, I will teach you how to prepare a working budget, how to clean up your past credit mistakes, and how to dwindle down current debts so you can build a strong financial portfolio for a strong retirement. With this book, you receive several helpful tools to aid you in establishing a working budget to get you started in the right direction.

My goal with the Debt Payoff Plan is to help you retire ahead of schedule, to be debt free, and to have a secure future for you and your children. This education is great for the entire family and it is encouraged to share your plan with every member of your family. Access budget forms via free download.

Self-Help Guide by Jason Moser
Published by Jason Moser on Kindle Direct and
Cover Art by Jason Moser
Published Mar 2014 Electronic and Paperback
ISBN: 978-1496052230

Available on for Paperback and Kindle Versions.

More self-help books by Jason Moser are coming soon. Keep an eye out for them here and on Jason's author page where he posts information about his self-help books.