Shelagh Martin, Fiction Author!

Shelagh Martin, Fiction Author!

I was born in England in 1951 and lived in Lichfield Staffordshire. The family came to Australia in 1962. We settled in Perth, Western Australia for three years before moving down to Albany located at the lower end of Western Australia. The country life suited us better and it wasn't as hot. There my education was finished and I moved on into the work force. I spent a fair bit of time on farms and had a lot of time to think. Many different jobs over the years gave me skills in expression and relating to people from all walks of life.

My first poem, written when 14 years old started the ball rolling. It seemed my family were budding poets, and over time, we began quite a collection. My writing seemed to reflect a lot of sadness about life issues. Writing gave me an avenue to vent my frustration on life the universe and everything.

This is probably why I turned to reading fantasy/thriller novels. My favourite authors were Steven Donaldson, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King, and a host of others.

The first book Shelagh Martin wrote was Snuffy's Quest, originally published in 1992. It took 3 years to get it off the ground and she was bound by contract to the publisher for 10 years. However, the company went into receivership a few years later. It took a while to be released from the contract, never the less it did happen.

Another book is "Pixel and Other Verse". Some nice poems for young and the not so young. Some may be a bit dark, but that's life.

"Frog Enlightened" should be available from LULU by mid February (I hope!) This is an anthology of works by my family. We are a poetic lot! There are over 60 poems ranging from cute to the absurd. Some are quaint, particularly those of Bernie's.

I am working on my first novel. Hopefully to be released later this year. It looks like there may be sequels as well.

I live in Albany Western Australia, in a cute park home.

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