Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop - First in a Series of Fiction Spy Novels!

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop!

Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop is a fiction spy novel about preserving world peace. The M-7 Teardrop is the newest, fastest, and most sophisticated spy plane ever created. It is secretly controlled by the United States Air Force while final testing is being conducted in the Nevada desert. Executive powers believe the M-7 Teardrop is too powerful, capable of giving the United States too much of an edge over world balance, potentially restarting the Cold War or worse. The jet must disappear to protect all interests of the world.

The only man capable of carrying out a complex mission of this magnitude is Jim Holloway, a.k.a. Agent Stroker, of the International Intelligence Agency. Jim is a very intelligent and debonair man with a keen ability to complete a mission, no matter how challenging it may be and no matter what it takes.

Jim Holloway, an intelligent agent with a fervent ability to get the job done is perfect for the seemingly impossible mission to make the M-7 completely vanish from a very secure Air Force base, the core objective of Operation Teardrop.

Under secret control and development for a contract with the United States Air Force, the M-7 Teardrop proves it is the fastest, most sophisticated manned spy plane ever created. Its sleek design, revolutionary propulsion system, and stunning capabilities are a marvel of modern science, threatening to upset the delicate balance of peace throughout the world.

Considered much too powerful for any one country to posses, the jet must disappear to protect all interests of the world.

Unfortunately, Agent Stroker doesn’t realize another agent from within his department, the spy among spies, has a different agenda for the M-7 involving Russia, Libya, and certain death for him upon mission success.

Jane Preston, a stunningly beautiful agent sent in as a simple courier to relay orders pertaining to the operation, forces herself into the mission to help Jim steal the M-7 and to hopefully save his life after she discovers the fatal plot against him. Despite futile attempts to work alone, Jim finds himself falling for her, realizing he needs her help more than anything.

Despite several run-ins with guard dogs, guard sentries and an overconfident General Paxton at Rawthburg Air Force Base, Jim makes it to the jet and... Read Spy Among Spies to find out everything that happens.

Where did Spy Among Spies Story Idea Come From?

Learn how the spy novel idea for Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop was born and how the story became Jason Moser's first published fiction novel.


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