The Spy Novel Idea That Created the Spy Among Spies Storyline!

The spy novel idea that lead to the creation of the Spy Among Spies storyline was a combined six hour brainstorming effort of Jason Moser and Robert Nickles. Here's the story of how the entire storyline, characters, and plot of Spy Among Spies: Operation Teardrop came to life.

Back in 1992 while underway on a submarine somewhere in the Atlantic, Robert and I were bored on navigation watch one day. He knew I was a writer and was working on a couple of books, so he suggested that I write a spy novel.

For the entire six hour watch, we discussed how it should start, what the main mission should be, and who the main characters were going to be. The M-7 Teardrop was visualized, Stroker's Mustang was envisioned, and the Las Vegas casino scene was set to start the story into motion.

After the six hour brainstorming session, Jason went to work with the spy novel idea, writing Spy Among Spies. First, he outlined it by writing a paragraph per chapter in a small notebook, then he wrote the first few chapters. It took two years and the book was completely finished, hand written in notebooks. At that stage, it was put in a box for quite a few years and almost forgotten about.

When an idea came to Jason one day, he pulled out the original hand written manuscript and began typing it out, adding a new beginning chapter to the story and adding more descriptive sentences into the book as he typed. The book went through two or three more edits and proofreads, then sat idle for a few more years awaiting action once again.

It wasn't until Jason began designing this website and the spy novel idea came back into his mind. Since the book was written and saved electronically on computer and was the only book close enough to be published, and he was looking for content ideas for his website, he found, a self-publishing company where he could publish Spy Among Spies with no out of pocket expenses.

In October 2005, he created the front and back cover of the book, formatted the manuscript for publishing, and published it on The spy novel idea came to life as a paperback book, Jason's first published fiction novel and the entire process a backbone for this website.

After getting it published, his Aunt Penny Parra, read it and loved it. She had done editing for a mystery writer and marked up her copy of the book and sent it back to him. "I made the corrections and republished the book to the revision it is today."

Check out the spy novel idea in its completed form and get your copy of this exciting novel today!

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