Standard Book Format for Your Fiction Story!

Standard book format is critical when it comes time to self-publish your story. Format is the look and feel of your final book draft just before taking it through the final publishing route.

Standard Book Format

If you are publishing your book traditionally through a fiction book publisher, check out how to write a manuscript in standard manuscript format prior to your submission. This page is more geared toward self-publishing your fiction and will show you the standard format to use to set up for self-publishing your books.

Getting Your Novel Ready for Standard Book Format!

When getting your novel ready for standard format, there are a few things to consider before making the finishing touches. First, you must decide the size and style of your book in its final form.

There are several sizes to consider when choosing a proper format (all sizes are in inches). There's 8 1/2 x 11 (standard for coil binding format), 6 x 9 (normal for paperback), 9 x 7 for picture books and hard cover books, and many more shapes and sizes. It all depends on the type of book you have and how you want it to look. In most applications for fiction writers, you will use 6 x 9 for your paperback or 9 x 7 for your hard cover books.

After you choose a perfect size for your book, you must now choose a format or style for your fiction. A format is exactly how you want your book to look. Do you want a formal style or a relaxed style?

A formal style includes a table of contents, dedication page, forward, and epilogue (a more traditional look). A relaxed style may have those same elements, but they are optional. In a relaxed standard book format, you may also add in your own artistic touch such as a different font for your chapter names, fancy borders, or colors.

One of the best things about self-publishing is that everything is up to you. You choose how your book is going to look to a reader so you have the power of choice on your side. And making it look the way you want is very simple if you follow a few simple steps.

Now that you have the preliminary formats down, you are ready to put your final draft to standard book format. Follow these steps to format your book in a standard format

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