Teresa Claeys - Fiction Writer!

Teresa Claeys is a fiction author and a 42 year old mother of four, the youngest being 14 months. She also has two grandchildren.

She grew up in Winnipeg and moved to British Columbia in her early twenties. She spent 23 years working as a health care worker and hated every minute of it.

"As a single mother for most of those years, writing was only a dream. I did manage to write a lot of poetry and have several published all over the world. I wanted to write fiction."

Teresa began by increasing her writing skills by applying to Longridge Writers group. She is just arriving at the end of her course. She did submit one short, a short story called "Enemy Hearts" to Glimmertrain. She is anxiously awaiting a reply.

Teresa plans to continue to write fiction and become the author she's always dreamed of being. "I have a wealth of material to choose from as I grew up in and extremely tumultuous life with mental illness all around me. Through separation of my entire family I am finally free to explore my dreams without interference. I have chosen the pen name "T.L. Claeys." Watch for me in the future, near I hope."

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