The Writers Chest - Fiction Short Story Compilation!

The Writers Chest is a short fiction story compilation consisting of thirteen brilliantly written stories by eleven superb fiction authors. You will be thoroughly entertained from cover to cover, whether you want to read one story a night or the entire compilation in one reading.

From romance to suspense, action to fantasy, you get a little taste of every genre of fiction in the first Volume of Fiction Shorts, a new short fiction book edited, formatted, and published by Jason Moser. Fiction Shorts is an annual publication that offers new and experienced authors a chance at publishing their short fiction stories.

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The Writers Chest Stories and Their Authors!

The Writers Chest short fiction compilation is perfect for entertainment seekers. Below is a brief overview of each of the stories and their authors:

The Portal - Inter-Dimensional Exploration by Lenred is a short fantasy fiction story about a man who is given a rare opportunity to explore another dimension, one much like ours but full of wonder and amazement.

The Eyes of Goliath by Daryl Poole is an exciting suspense mystery short story about a real estate deal closer named Todd and a stubborn land owner who refuses to sell his riverfront property in Vincent, Louisiana. Todd will do anything to close the deal.

Insomniac by Morgan Bernstein is a first person literary fiction taking you inside the mind of an Insomniac. Everyone wants to help, but they all think she's psychotic. All she wants to do is sleep.

Escaping the Darkness by Kevin Rogers is a short fantasy fiction about Dendrianna (a female Cimmerion Elf) and Dendrobates (a male human) who are on a quest for the truth on who they are and how they were created. He finds out so much more about her as they play a game of cat and mouse where she can see perfectly and he learns to adapt to his other senses in the darkness.

A Different Way by D. L. Bearden is about a young convicted drug addict who is released from prison, finally clean from drugs and ready to start a new way of life. However, it's not as easy as he thought it would be to pick up where he left his life, quickly taking him right back to where he started.

A Twist of Fate by Valda Johns is about Jake Caden, a suspended U. S. Marshal who helps out a friend but ends up running for his life.

Another Story for a Different Day by Samantha Lekach is about a private investigator hired for a strange case that ends up taking him on a quest of knowledge and self-perseverance. A strange girl is stalking him every second of every day, but only he can hear or see her. Is he crazy or just plain blessed?

The Blackstone Inheritance by Patricia Scholes is about T'lana, a young red headed girl framed for murdering the Prince who must prove her innocence or die. Cranog has different plans for the girl who is his only way to reach the Blackstone.

Faith's Mask by Carrie Keaton is about a young black woman who is physically abused and moves across the country to escape as her abuser is arrested. Starting over, she changes her name and finds a man who loves her more than she's ever been loved in her life. But Cory escapes from prison and she is worried a name change and moving away is not enough.

Me and My Girlfriend by Yana'h Amina'h is a short fiction romance drama about a young woman in the pursuit of her dreams. She consistently aimed for the best, up until that one sweet day she would have never thought could change the way she felt about love.

Missing by Valda Johns is about the disappearance of a husband under suspicious circumstances and how his wife went looking for him, also winding up missing.

Stand-In Mommy by Nancy Moore is a light romantic fiction that is sure to not only entertain but leave you believing there could be a happy ever after.

The Quest by Valda Johns is another story about Jake Caden and an Early Release program he started in prison. A man he put away is the first to be released.

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All advanced orders will be tracked and shipped by Write and Publish Fiction upon initial publishing November 29, 2012. As publication date comes closer, it will be posted on this page and anyone purchasing an advance copy will be kept informed on when the book will be published.

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