A Twist of Fate by Valda Johns!

A Twist of Fate by Valda Johns is the seventh story in Volume One of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest. It is a narrative fiction short story and intertwines with The Quest and Missing, also by Valda.

How can one man be duped into believing that he can live a solitary life and yet take a sworn oath to "protect and serve" his country. His family was falling apart and he there was nothing he could do to put it back together.

By helping a friend and trying to keep what he never had, he almost lost his life permanently. He was not thrilled to learn his identical twin brother married and went missing after just three months of marriage.

Jake Caden's brother did not inform the family that he was even contemplating marriage. Was she with child and blaming Nick or was it blackmail?

As young boys and as young men in their twenties, both Jake and Nick had sworn an oath between them to never marry. And up until they were both fifty two years old that seemed to have worked.

Then Nick met Vila and all that changed. Jake thinks she's a gold digger and wants his money. He didn't know that money was never an issue between Vila and Nick.

While researching a lead for another case at a local bar, the action starts and sends Jake off on a high speed chase, only he was the one being chased. By a twist of fate, Vila was there to save Jake's life and causes him to come face to face with his conscience and his new sister-in-law.

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Meet the author of A Twist of Fate, Valda Johns.

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