Valda Johns, Fiction Shorts Author!

Hi, my name is Valda Johns and I'm sixty-five, and a first time Writer. I had never published anything before in my life?

I met Jason Moser online, he is my Mentor and Confidant! It hasbeen almost two years and I thoroughly enjoy writing. Actually it is more typing, but I get my best inspirations while I am sitting at the bus stops or waiting at the Doctors office.

I was born and raised in South bend, Indiana. Unfortunately I had married and divorced twice by the time I was twenty-one, after moving to Illinois. However, I did go on to get a Practical Nursing Degree, and that saved my life. Literally! We left Illinois and moved to Florida in 1974-5.

I lived in Tampa, and throughout Florida, but moved back to Gainesville, twice. The first time was 1978 with my youngest and her Grandpa. We moved to Starke, and after Grandpa Warren passed, I married Markilee Johns in 1999. He passed in 2003, all my children are grown and have their own family's, and here I am writing stories. One more thing - I am looking for my soul mate (male).

Short Fiction Stories By Valda Johns

The Quest is a story about Jake Caden and an Early Release program he started in prison. A man he put away is the first to be released and it's up to him to make sure everything goes well.

Missing is another Caden story about the disappearance of a husband under suspicious circumstances and how his wife went looking for him, also winding up missing. The missing husband is Caden's brother.

A Twist of Fate is a third Caden story. Jake Caden, a suspended U. S. Marshal, helps out a friend but ends up running for his life.

Enjoy reading these and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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