What is Grammar and How Does it Affect Your Overall Writing?

What is grammar? When you just start out writing, you don't even think about grammar, sentence structure, verb usage, pronoun usage, and the overall effectiveness of your writing. You are simply trying to tell a story, mostly writing it out just like you would say it if you were talking to someone else. But is the way you are writing it correct?

What is Grammar?

There are many things to consider in the English language when writing. There are so many words that sound the same but mean totally different things. They are commonly confused and used out of context with many styles of writing, especially fiction.

Minor errors are not necessarily going to end your career all of the time, but you must be careful as a writer to not plague your story with too many grammatical errors, otherwise your readers won't want to read your writing in future publications.

When telling a fictional story, when people are speaking, they may be saying something that is not grammatically correct when written, but as spoken in the story, must be written to express the impact you are trying to present to your reader. Things like an accent or a slur in their speech are what I'm talking about. However, if you are not saying something within quotations, then the sentences should be grammatically correct.

Grammar all depends on the style of writing the writer chooses to use for their work, but there are limits and rules as to how much you can deviate.

What is Grammar?

As defined by TheFreeDictionary, grammar, for our use as fiction writers, is a "system of rules implicit in a language, viewed as a mechanism for generating all sentences possible in that language" and "writing or speech judged with regard to such a set of rules". Simply put, to answer the question, "What is grammar" is the essence of the English language.

English, which is the most widely written and spoken language in the world, has many rules for its massive and complex structure. Many people say it is the most difficult language to learn, though if I look at languages such as Japanese or Korean, I'm lost. But I can't really say they are more difficult until I try to learn them. Grammar rules are in place in every language in order for the masses to understand what is being said or written.

If you use a word or phrase out of context, not everyone is going to understand exactly what you are trying to say, especially if they know the real context of a word or phrase and you don't. As an author, it is embarrassing to use words out of context.

Since many of my visitors ask questions like, "What is grammar?", I've put together some English grammar tips to help you avoid seriously embarrassing mistakes with your writing as well as gain a basic understand of English grammar definitions.

Understanding all of the ins and outs of grammar is a must if you want to become a successful writer. The better you are at your words, the less work your proofreader and editor have to do when it comes time to publish your fiction. And if you are self-editing, it is a must. There is help available for that too.

More on What is Grammar

Below are some of the things that best describe what is grammar and how it affects you as a fiction writer. Grammar is everywhere and understanding everything about it will give you a few steps forward when it comes to writing your stories.

Grammar Definitions. Learn all of the basic grammar terms and definitions and how they work together to form sentences so a reader can understand what is going on in your fiction story.

Common Grammar Mistakes. If you write a lot, you know first hand that there are many mistakes that can be avoided. If you are familiar with the more common words that ruin your writing, you may avoid them altogether.

Grammar Websites. There are many grammar websites out there that help you understand what is grammar and how it applies to your fiction writing. If you have any doubts about the words you are writing, whether it is contextual or defining the word, there are many places you can go for help.

Check Grammar. Editing is a vital step of the writing process. In order for your work to be the best it can be, whether you are publishing traditionally through a book publisher or self-publishing your fiction, you need to check your grammar. There is a great program out there that helps you edit your own work like a professional to get it ready for publishing or submission to a publisher.

What is grammar? You should know the answer by now. With all of the other information about grammar, your writing can improve beyond many new and inexperienced writers so your stories can stick out from the rest.

Learn as much as you can as you write and build on it while you are in between writing books. Build on your own internal writing database so you can produce the best fiction imaginable.

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