What is Writers Block and How Can it Affect Your Writing?

What is writers block? This is a serious question you must ask yourself before you find out first hand on your own what it is and how it can sabotage your goals and dreams of becoming a published author.

What is Writers Block?

This powerful brain blockage you get when you least expect it stops all of your fiction writing progress and seriously demotivates you and your desire to write. You must learn what writer's block really is and how you can cure this terrible writer's disease before it hinders you from writing that next best seller.

Were you ever dead set on writing something and just couldn't get the motivation to do it? Whenever this happens, if you don't do things to alleviate the problem, it could paralyze you for days or even weeks.

What is Writers Block?

Writers block as defined by Answers.com is "a usually temporary psychological inability to begin or continue work on a piece of writing."

Psychological? Does this mean you are crazy? Of course not! Everyone experiences psychological issues in one form or another. That doesn't necessarily mean there is anything mentally wrong with you at all. It could actually be more physical than mental once you start looking at your life from the outside in.

Writer's block can actually be caused by a lot more things than you think such as stress, apprehension, distractions, exhaustion, depression or even a physical illness. Do you think a pressed-for-time deadline could cause a little bit of all of those triggers? You better believe it could!

So, how do these stresses and strains on your body and mind cause writers block? Well, whenever your body or mind experiences any form of stress, your brain tends to concentrate more on that stress because it feels that your health is more important than anything else you are doing at that moment. Thus, your mind shuts down and forces you to rest whether you like it or not.

There are so many things that can cause this block. You need to be aware of each and everyone of them so you can plan ahead and avoid some of the fatal triggers that can cause a total mind shut down, especially when you need your mind the most.

What is writers block is explained further with some very useful preventive measures you can take to avoid the block altogether.

If you are already experiencing mind blockage, you can also cure writers block using some very helpful techniques.

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