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My name is Winona Rasheed, and I am a children's Writer. There is nothing like sitting down and putting pencil to paper and writing down the words that pop up into your head. You can even call it therapeutic. The words that flow from my thoughts just happen to be creative stories that are intended to reach the masses of children of all ages, race, and color. Stories that I hope will be favorites like the stories of yesterday. No, I don't do this for the monetary benefits behind it because it seems the only way that will ever happen is if you are well known, like an actor/actress, or if you have an agent working for you.

But, if you are like me, just the little person at the bottom writing his or her way to the top then you already know that what you do has no monetary value to it. Your main goal is to get your work out there and into the hands of the kids, or the parents who read to them. That's what writing is all about.

For Winona Rasheed, writing comes easy; she has the stories to prove it.

The hard part is getting your work published. That can be very discouraging and frustrating for writers. It is a long process that a writer goes through after the story is written. I have tried the traditional publishing avenues, the long wait in between submissions and those pesky little rejections slips is enough to make you want to give up on writing, but you don' just keep on submitting and waiting, but most of all...writing.

I have even tried the self-publishing avenue. I have four children's stories published with, and when I say self-publishing, you do everything yourself, promoting, advertising, getting your books reviewed.

You do the whole kit and caboodle yourself. It is a lot of hard work. "Publishing your own books"; but, it is so worth it, because now not only do you have just a manuscript that you have written, you have an actual book, a hard copy book with front and back cover, and you have control over the process.

When I first started writing, years and years ago; when I was a teenager actually. I would have never thought that I would be producing books, let alone children's books. So yes, this is progress.

Since I live in Washington DC, and I am a stay at home housewife, one would think that my life is boring since my children are all grown. But it is not. My life is filled with doing what I love and it keeps me busy.

Not only is Winona a children's writer, but she is also an entrepreneur with her own writing and editing business called Dream Writer's Essentials, helping others to perfect their manuscript before they enter the submission process.

Dream Writer's Essentials is a small business that I created and I am very proud of it because it belongs to me. When I am not helping DWE clients, you will find me volunteering my time with another website for writer,, whereas, I am the Senior Editor.

So, you can see my writing, has opened doors for me that I never knew would exist at this time in my life. I have been a lot of things in my life, but it is this writing career that has been the most productive and fulfilling, besides raising my children. I am no longer just Winona Rasheed, mother and wife, I am Winona Rasheed the Senior Editor, the Children's Writer, and owner and operator of Dream Writer's Essentials. All of this came from the inspiration of writing for children.

I like where this road is taking me, even though the ride is slow. Patience is the key word that all writers must learn to have, and believe in yourself and in what you are trying to do. "You can not succeed if you don't begin." Who said that? Me?

You can purchase Winona Rasheed's children's books through LULU.COM the number one self-publishing site on the web, just stop by her storefront, Storytyme Book Nook by Winona Rasheed.

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