How to Write a Query Letter to Attract a Publisher's Interest!

When you write a query letter, the most important thing is knowing the purpose of a query letter. A query letter is a form of interest gathering correspondence that you use to solicit publishers or agents to get them interested in taking a look at your book.

Write a Query Letter

A query letter is a brief, to the point sales letter intended to convince a publisher or agent to look at your book for the consideration of publication or representation by their company. This may be included with your manuscript's submission or separate depending on what the agent or publisher requests you do to introduce you and your book to their company.

A query letter for fiction is not required if you are self-publishing your work since you don't have to convince someone to look at it except your potential customers; however, if you want to publish your work through a major book publisher or if you have a short story you want to submit to a magazine or publication editor, your correspondence should start with a query letter.

A query letter is a basic run down of your story and why they (and the target market) will love to read your book. It also describes you as an author, but the focal point is on your book. Knowing how to create a query letter that catches people's interest is a key factor in getting your stories published by major publishers.

Write a Query Letter to Sell Your Fiction to the Publisher!

You should learn how to draft a fiction query letter so you can avoid common mistakes that may make or break your chances at a publisher even taking a look at your material. You should definitely never send off an unsolicited manuscript to a publisher or agent unless they specifically ask for one.

A query letter is a great introduction for you and your story and will give them an opportunity to ask for your manuscript if they are interested. Simply sending out your manuscript to a bunch of publishers is a waste of money and paper, especially since most of them are going to toss it in the garbage. Only send your manuscript to people who are actually interested in it to begin with.

Learn how to write a query letter that will give you the greatest possibility of publishing success.

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