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Essentials of Writing Fiction Novels and Short Stories

Essentials of writing help you learn how to add content to your fiction story so you can turn it into a more entertaining novel.

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What is Writers Block?

What is writers block and how does it stop your writing dead in its tracks? Learn why this serious illness is sometimes unavoidable.

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Writing Books to Express Your Creativity

Writing books helps people explore and express their creativity to entertain the world. Learn how to take your fiction to the next level.

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What is a Pseudonym?

What is a pseudonym and why do authors use them? Anyone can use a pen name when they publish stories.

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Make Money Writing as a Freelance Writer!

Make money writing as a freelance writer so you can supplement your writing budget to help fund your book publishing dreams.

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Free Editing Software Trial for Authors!

Free editing software trial is available for any style of novel writing, especially helpful for self-publishers or writers who are trying to cut costs on writing expenses.

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Writing Checklist to Help Keep You on Track With Your Writing!

Here's a writing checklist that will keep you on track with your fiction writing, making it easy to find information pertaining to the area of writing you are experiencing.

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How to Write a Manuscript for Your Fiction

How to write a manuscript that will be standardized so that it can easily be changed to work with various publishers who have different submission guidelines.

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Fiction Book Marketing System!

Fiction Book Marketing System is packed full of marketing principles that are applied to your writing that actually work for increasing the amount of sales you make with your fiction books.

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How to Sell an e Book

How to sell an e book using on and offline sources to jump start your fiction book sales.

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Novel Writing Tips for Fiction Authors

Novel writing tips from a fiction author will help you when you are stuck with no ideas to develop a new story line if you are trying to create new fiction writing ideas.

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Writing Tips and Advice for New Writers

Writing tips and advice helps new writers through great lessons learned as experienced by James Stirling, author of 'MacDonald Island' and 'Have Trombone, Will Travel'.

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Book Sales Letter to Market Your Fiction

A book sales letter can help jump start sales for a new works of fiction and is one of the most effective platforms for your fiction writing.

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Book Cover Design For Self-Publishing

A book cover for your fiction novel can be made even if you can't afford the photo editing software or don't trust your artistic abilities.

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Book Signing - Setting Up a Successful Signing!

A book signing is the primary promotional tool available to fiction writers to start the ball rolling in your initial promotional push toward success in the fiction writing industry.

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Publishing a Book - What Publishers Don't Want You to Know

Publishing a book doesn't have to be so hard. What the publishers don't want you to know is that they really don't have to work very hard to get your book on the shelves.

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Deal With Rejection During Publishing

Deal with rejection as an author if you want to make it in the fiction market. You must learn how to push forward even as negative responses might be flying across your desk.

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Book Reading Events to Promote Your Writing

Book reading and excerpt reciting events help promote your book to people and can be incorporated into a powerful book signing.

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How to Make a Website for Fiction

Learn how to make a website for you and your fiction books that will take your book marketing to a new level of success.

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Book Signings for Fiction Authors

Book signings are a great way to promote and sell your fiction books to so you can give your book selling business a boost in the right direction.

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Author Website to Grow a Fan Base

An author website can be created using proven web development basics and techniques that drive visitors to your website to increase potential sales of your fiction books and other products.

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Writing Business for Disciplined Book Promotion

A writing business is a way of disciplining yourself to make the most money from your writing, keeping you on track from start to finish throughout the writing process.

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Selling Books Using Creative Promotional Ideas

Selling books is a major crutch for fiction writers, but being creative with your marketing approach will make more sales than you could ever imagine.

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What is Grammar for Fiction Writing?

What is grammar? Grammar in the English language is the overall structure of your writing, from subject and verbs to prepositions that adds depth and meaning to writing.

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Publish an eBook to Maximize Profits

Publish an ebook if you are just starting out and trying to build your writing budget. There are no costs involved with ebook development and production.

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