Yana Amina, Fiction Shorts Author!

Yana Amina (Yana'h Amina'h) was born in Philadelphia, Pa and she always dreamed big in pursuing a career in something that she loves to do. Some of her favorite hobbies are writing, singing and recording music, styling and designing doing hair and make- up including helping Cancer and medical patients restore and maintain their personal and self-image.

Yana Amina, Fiction Shorts Author!

She founded and formed her own independently beauty company called Beauty’s Forever where she fulfills her heart by making people look and feel good. Yana cannot be compared to anyone simply because those that she has been inspired by range from her mother the late Jo’Juan Gooding, Maya Angelo, Sade to Oprah Winfrey and the list goes on. But her style is her very own. She simply loves the art of what she does that is all creative!

Yana Amina is a single mother of three wonderful boys, whom she adores, loves and cherishes so very much. She and is presently and Licensed Cosmetologists, Fashion student and small independent business owner in the city of Philadelphia. With the help of many family members and friends along the way and with the tragedy of losing her parents as a teenager at such a young age, she decided to take full charge of her life and career goal aiming for her writing career. Yana’s focus is to pursue a new career in writing, as she continues to write her first and upcoming urban book.

She has worked endless jobs such as retail, waitress, customer service, transportation and finally as and hair stylists. "You name it, I done it," she says. "Life was hard after my parents left me early in my life at such an early age. It has been a long ride without them here to help me cope with my everyday troubles. Especially at that time in my life with no sense of direction and no moral support, I had to lean on my own shoulder."

Yana Amina pushed herself to be the best she could be at the time for her children, to support them with their everyday needs. She wishes to pursue her educational goals as a substantial Journalist/Designer for a major worldwide magazine, inspired by Vogue magazine or Fashion magazine, by pursing a writing career through and higher learning facility throughout Philadelphia.

Yana Amina currently has a poetry book out in the market titled “Forever Love”, which she self-published in November 2011 and is currently available on Amazon.com as well as many other biblical book sites worldwide.

As a child and a teenager, Yana says she enjoyed reading poetry and novels and could never stop reading them back to back as she did, until one particular day she decided that she wanted to write urban, suspense and thriller novels including poetry involving love, to pursue her writing career. So back in the late year of 2010, Yana Amina began to write her first urban book without a degree in writing.

She says that she was always encouraged as a child every time she wrote or decided to write, in fact she says that she stayed focused as a writer no matter what came her way. Her English teachers always said that she had writing in her as well as her mother who fell in love with the poetry she wrote and the grammar, punctuality and skills that she made noticeable as a writer.

"As I think back on the compliments I have earned and received from my mother who said over and over again that I was and excellent writer, I say to myself why stop now why give up, maybe this is the time that I could possibly shine as a writer, because I’m a true believer that sometimes others can see things that you can't. I say maybe at the point of my life I didn’t see it in me, but someone else did at the spare of the moment. So I will continue to hold on to my success and by keeping God close to me no matter what obstacles come my way, because life and succeeding it is a challenge, no matter where you are going or where you want to be."

Yana Amina is currently supporting her family, working in her profession as a stylists, and writing the finishing touches of her book. Once she finishes her touches, she wishes to publish her very first urban novel.

Growing up in the city of Philadelphia, she says with the struggles of so many I wish to grow and prosper in the work I accomplish, and hopefully one day the world could have a chance to enjoy what I write. With support from her middle aged sons and boyfriend that she currently have now has been in her corner as well and always will as he stated.

Yana Amina says, "When you have faith and believe all things are Possible. And I will believe and never give up on my continued success to be what I want to be, by never giving up as long as I put my mind to it I’m good, because your future depends on you and knowing what you want to be, you can as long as you put your mind to it”

Short Fiction Story Me and My Girlfriend

Me and My Girlfriend by Yana'h Amina'h is a short fiction romance drama about a young woman in the pursuit of her dreams. She consistently aimed for the best, up until that one sweet day she would have never thought could change the way she felt about love.

Enjoy reading this and many other stories in the first volume of Fiction Shorts, The Writer's Chest!

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